CashUnite Jamaica

CashUnite is a revolutionary new way to earn money from each of your social networks that you're currently a member of.

About Us

MultiSocialSuite’s vision was to find a revolutionary and easy way for people to communicate with friends and family all over the world. In 2013, MultiSocialSuite succeeded in bridging the gap between multiple social networks and unifying them together in one location.

CashUnite is the Digital Partner Program of MultiSocialSuite. It was sparked from an idea in 2010 by a small but passionate group of young, forward thinking tech entrepreneurs. Their vision was to use the most advanced technologies available to create a fast and easy way for people to earn money – simply by social networking online.

CashUnite‘s groundbreaking, Peer-to-Peer Social Profit Share System, is the first of its kind and will change the way we use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google + and
100’s of other social sites online, FOREVER!

The world’s gone Multi-Social, have you?

Intro Video

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